Payment method & Freight

Your order will be processed immediately after the account is confirmed and will be shipped within five working days (excluding holidays)

Deliver your goods in Hsinchu Logistics / Black Cat Delivery Service / Post Office / Convenience Bag


Delivery Area:

On shore of Taiwan:

Accept orders from on shore of Taiwan, pay attention! The destination address should not be a PO Box.

(If there is a delivery demand outside Taiwan's main island, please fill in the address of the Taiwanese friends and relatives at the address of the recipient).


Off shore of Taiwan:

Accept off shore of Taiwan(outer islands) areas (such as Penghu area, Kinmen area, Matsu, Xiao Liuqiu, Green island, etc.).

Please note that the destination address should not be a PO Box and will not be delivered.



We do not provide delivery service in the following areas, so we are temporarily unable to accept orders from the following addresses: Penghu Wang an Township, Cimei Township, Hujing Island, Tongpan Island, Dacangyu, Yuanbeiyu, Niaoyu, Jibeiyu, Wuciou Township (Dadan Island, Erdan Island) Lanyu, Dongsha, Nansha.



Credit card online payment:

Convenient and fast payment method, when you choose online credit card to trade, the operation process protects your personal privacy data through SSL encryption mechanism.


ATM transfer payment:

Suitable for consumers who do not have a credit card. With the ATM payment method, you can complete the payment by simply transferring the payment to the system-specific account through the physical/network ATM or online banking.


Cash on delivery:

After placing the order, we will deliver your goods to Hsinchu Logistics or Black Cat Logistics, and the shipping company will collect payment from you.